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South Waterfront

About South Waterfront

Portland’s newest hot neighborhood is located on the west bank of the Willamette River, pairing breathtaking natural views, with modern urban amenities. South Waterfront represents the Portland Development Commission’s North Macadam Urban Renewal District, mixing public transportation (via Portland Streetcar and the Portland Aerial Tram), green building, mixed-use retail, cutting edge design, public art, parks, and trails to create a more sustainable, nature-friendly urban environment for its residents.
South Waterfront’s community garden is a thriving all-ages experience, with children from local charter and Montessori schools even participating. The dog park is also a central focus in this canine-friendly community as is the South Waterfront Farmer’s Market at Elizabeth Caruthers’ Park. With so much happening so rapidly in this still-evolving neighborhood, South Waterfront even has its own website full of information for local residents on health and wellness, green living, area events, news and more.

If you’d like to get in on this up-and-coming Portland neighborhood, call or email us today for available listings.

Listings In South Waterfront

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