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10 Home Updates with the Lowest Return on Investment

Oftentimes, when a client invites me over to their home for the first price assessment, they’ll give me a room... Read more ›

Part 3: Our Associate Brokers & Clients Love It Because…

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Part 2: Our Senior Brokers Love It Because…

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Part 1: Customized Client Teams Ensure that Everyone Wins

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New MLS “Coming Soon” Status Exciting & Problematic

12 months ago, RMLS came up with their “Coming Soon” status, with the idea that it would tackle the challenge... Read more ›

Trump’s Tax Changes Impact Homeowners | ELEETE Moving Trucks Reserved for Active Clients

Trump’s Tax Changes Impact Homeowners Whether you are an existing homeowner or a soon-to-be homeowner, you should fully understand how... Read more ›

Be Educated – Be Connected – Be Ready

By Lee Davies Today’s real estate market is unlike any other that I have experienced in my 32 years as... Read more ›

Something will Give with Rising Rates and Prices…

While the housing inventory is still at historic lows in the Portland market, one thing that has finally changed this... Read more ›

Local Real Estate Firms Gobbled Up

Portland’s homegrown firms of Realty Trust and M Realty have been acquired by larger firms from out of state.  Realty... Read more ›

ELEETE Brokers For Basics

ELEETE Brokers and Staff had joined in supporting the efforts of the Portland Rescue Mission with a blanket and coat... Read more ›

Changing Market Requires Foresight

While most sellers are still optimistically seeing the market as appreciating, we are starting to see sales slow. In the... Read more ›

What’s Going on in Your Neighborhood?

Did you know your neighbor’s home hit the market and sold without a sign?  Have you always had your eye... Read more ›

I highly recommend Eleete Real Estate. I have done two transactions with Lee and his team and the experience was outstanding. The team has great knowledge of the area, but most important, they really listen to your needs and concerns. Everything was handled with the utmost professionalism, zero pressure and response was immediate to our requests. Whether you are buying or selling a home, Eleete Real Estate is the best choice for the NW Portland area, no question.

Benjamin T. - Portland, OR

We enjoyed working with Lee and his staff. We listed the house in December, in a tough market. The house was priced correctly, the marketing was done professionally and the house sold within weeks. We had a closed transaction in January. We were pleased with the sales price and the efficiency of the process. The staff at Eleete were friendly, communicative and very professional. Thank you again Lee for a positive experience.

Bill T. - Beaverton, OR

The team at Eleete have helped me on several transactions…both personal and business related (I’m a local builder/developer). You won’t find a more professional and knowledgeable staff that will work tirelessly for you and your best interests.

Eric T. - Portland, OR