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About Stafford

With earnings well above the state average, and residents among the most educated in Oregon, if you own a home in the Stafford area you know the meaning of success.
A mecca for high-end mansions and luxurious Stafford estates on Oregon’s larger-sized lots, as well as the exclusive, world-famous Oregon Golf Club, this unincorporated domain (which encompasses parts of West Linn, Wilsonville, and Tualatin) sits prominently on a plateau commanding views of Mt. Hood and the valley below. Stafford also hosted the 2016 Street of Dreams, nestled against Tumwater Winery Reserve.

An unincorporated, close-knit community of 2,200 in Clackamas County today, in the 1860s, Portland pioneer George A. Steel named Stafford after his hometown of Stafford, Ohio. Another piece of Stafford history: the Wanker family came to the area in 1895, eventually building a store and tavern. As the tale goes, incessant collecting forced the Wankers to move into a larger space. Wanker’s Corner Saloon & Cafe is now located about six miles south of its original location, and is a great place for to get a brew, burger and fries.

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Listings In Stafford

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